Case Study: Setting up Internet Profits The Quick Way (

Today I'm going to explain the set-up of one of my money sites - "Internet Profits The Quickway" ,the tools I used, etc. In this case study I'll show you how:

  • I've cut refund rates to under half a percent.
  • To create and deliver awesome video content.
  • Creating an instant reseller upgrade bonus with virtually no work (10 mins max)
  • To generate instant free traffic and interest thanks to the tools I use.
  • The exact tools, plugins, and services I used to build and launch the site.

What the site is...

The core of this product is simply a set of videos that I created myself that explain a simple, newbie friendly way of getting started generating an income online.  These are videos I shot myself, they are screen capture videos that were made using Camtasia Studio.

The product is sold using Rapid Action Press with an affiliate program that pays 50% commission and then has an optional upsell which lets members pay a one time fee to become a partner in order to be able to sell memberships and get 100% commissions.

This is a really good model because a lot of affiliate will only ever make one or two sales anyway and in those cases the one time fee I get makes me more money than the profit from the sales they may generate promoting throught the normal affiliate program.

The super affiliates who jump on it end up making good money but I often get many of their signups upgrading to the partner program anyway and don't forget... I get the email address of everyone who buys and this is a BUYER list, not a list of freebie seekers.

I'll get into how to set up such a partner system in a moment.

The core of the members area is run using the Member Plus addon for RAP.  If you want to be able to run a site like this using RAP with Member Plus and don't currently have RAP then there is a bundle deal with a payment plan available here.

How I've cut the refund rate to a fraction of a percent...

If you look at the sales page you will notice there are two bonuses that are given to those who join.  One is delivered to them 31 days after they join and the other 60 days after they join.

These products are excellent courses that I purchased rights to and the rights allow me to use them as bonuses to paid products.

The advantage of this drip feeding is that it cuts refund rates to almost zero.  This is because first of all the main content is rock solid and worth every penny, but there are a few people out there who will watch and learn from a great product and still ask for their money back.  That's fine because that mentality actually holds them back from ever making any real money online anyway, but why not put things in place that reduce the chances of even those shmucks from asking for a refund?

By drip feeding on a schedule of 31 and then 60 days takes them outside their refund period by the time they've collected the bonus content.

This particular product has a 0.1% refund rate so it clearly works.

The drip feeding is acomplished using the features of Member Plus addon for RAP.  All I have done is set up two additonal RAP products and then in Member Plus told it to drip feed those products to purchasers of the main product at 31 and 60 days respectively.

The beauty of this is that its fully automated and hands-off.  In the unlikely event of a refund that customer will simply no longer have access to the members area (automatic) so I don't have any work to do.  RAP and the addon do all the leg work for me.

Creating video based products.

Video products have so many benefits to both the customer and the product creator.  They tap into the inherant lazyness of most web users who would rather sit and watch a video than do something as tedious as reading.

When I first got started experimenting with video products I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on Camtasia but I knew that features such as being able to notate, sketch on the screen and zoom really made training videos look more professional.  So when I started I purchased Auto Screen Recorder Pro which costs less than $50 (there is a free version with less features too).

As soon as I had established that video products were working for me I didn't waste much time buying Camtasia.  Incidentally if you are looking for Camtasia and can get the version 7 license much cheaper than the latest versio 8 license... go for it.  Version 7 is actually better in my opinon and the $97 I spent upgrading from 7 to 8 a while ago was a waste of money.

Hosting video files.

I have experimented a lot with hosting videos.  I have used YouTube and set the video to private so only people with the link can view it and then embedded the videos on a download page but using Youtube doesn't look that professional when you are using it for a product you are selling and asking people to pay actual money for.

I tried various players and plugins that let me run with videos on Amazon S3 but in the end discovered a service called EzWebPlayer that has many amazing features and stores the files on Amazon hosting (so its reliable) and you pay a flat monthly fee regardless of how popular your video is.

 Creating the Reseller Program Upgrade.

The standard product can be marketed by affiliates for a 50% commission.  The product pays instant commissions because it is sold using the RAP system.  Instant commissions are always a massive draw and there is no easier way to handle such a system as RAP.

Inside the members area there is an option to pay me a further one-time fee to upgrade to "partner status" which lets them promote and sell the product but keep all the commissions.  But they are still doing so through my sales page, my sign up process and as a result every sale made results in my adding to my buyers list even if it was a partner who earnt the money from the sale.

To set this up I used an extra RAP addon called "Token Plus" which is optional but has the advantage of being able to make the sales page read "Andy Brocklehurst & [Partner Name Here] present..."

In order to give people the 100% commissions I just set up the JV Partner option inside RAP to create a special sign up page that gives 100% instead of 50% through the normal affiliate program.  Then I created a new product in my RAP set up called "Partner Upgrade", did a really short explanation on the sales page and set the download page to give them the link to the JV sign up page with a note of the password they need (the passwording of the JV sign up is a standard RAP feature).

The entire set up of this reseller program addon took me less than 10 minutes but brings me extra revenue and builds me a rock solid email list of people who have spent money.

I also set the RAP system up to auto subscriber buyers to an email list.  Anyone who upgrades to a partner level is removed from the first list and added to a new partners email list (ideal for targetting similar offers to later).  This subscriber management is all taken care of by the Aweber autoresponder.

Instant Traffic Boost.

The beauty of RAP is that you can list your products for sale in RAP Bank (free signup) and on iDavi, two market places that specficially work with Rapid Action Press.

On top of that I created a discount code that gave the product for free (only if you have the special link) which is another inbuilt RAP feature.  I then used this link and gave it to past customers of some of my more expensive products.  In doing this I knew that the free copies were being given to valued customers and at the same time to people who probably wouldn't buy this product anyway because it was aimed at the newer marketer.  But those people were prime prospects for the partner upgrade and if not a lot of them were likely to become standard affiliates for the product.

I also installed the free IAB addon for RAP.  This lets all users of Instant Affiliate Bonus to promote your products with their own incentives.  I would suggest for the few seconds it takes to install the free addon that you do it on all your RAP installations.

Because of these things I sold over 200 copies in the first 3 days of putting this live without any additional promotion.  I also sold 40 partner upgrades which have since added many more subscribers to my buyers list.

All in all this was a quick and easy product to set up and was one I mainly did as a list builder but that has made me some nice profits as a side effect.