Busy working toward the launch of Saaset.

If you think I've been a little quieter just recently... It's because I have. Mainly because 95% of my time and focus has been on Saaset, which is like the online version of Software Product Magic.

In other words it's a tool that will let anyone (non-techie, non-programmers, et al.) create Software as a Service products.

You might have noticed a few of my recent launches have been SAAS based.  Lead Page Maker, Super Promo Pages and One Click Addon to name just three.  All of these were built with the beta version of Saaset.

There are a handful of others who have already got access to Saaset and have produced things with it including David Cisneros, Adam Jackson and Barry Rodgers.

In fact if you want to see a project in action then click on Davids name and pick up his free front end offer that makes use of it :-)

The good news is... Saaset is ready.  But don't expect a big launch with a bazillion affiliates.  I'm not playing the launch monkey game on this one.

If you want to be one of the first to get in on this (right after my SPM and ICP customers who will be offered access first) then make sure you've put your name on the notification list at http://saaset.com