Brutally Honest Look at Mail-X

If you've been connected with Internet Marketing for even a moment then you are going to get a ton of email today promoting "Mail-X" as being an Aweber or Get Response killer. So here is my brutally honest take on it...

  1. This is just Mail Whizz badged.  Mail Whizz is available from Code Canyon and is sold as a way of selling mail services to clients.
  2. You could just buy Mail Whizz and replicate their entire business for under $100 ($48 for the main product and then a few of the extensions to do the stuff offered in the upsell).

What the Mail-X guys are offering is within the terms of their license.  They're not ripping anything off.  But it also means they are not the developers and if you want any tweaks or changes made... nothing is guaranteed.

But I was considering picking up Mail-X myself as a backup mail solution.

You see I don't believe for one moment that a couple of dudes with a $48 script and a web server are really going to offer something I would trust with all my emailing.

Although they have issues from time to time Aweber and Get Response have been around a long time and are the leaders in what they do.

But as a back-up solution it could be a handy tool to have and if I picked up a Mail-X account then I don't have to install any scripts or host it on my own servers.

So from that perspective $27 seems a bargain for the front end offer.

But the bigger issue is that there is a good chance a bunch of spammers will jump on this and use it and even though the email goes out through your choice of SMTP service, how long will it be before these services catch on and just block the Mail-X domain or IP?

I am not saying it will happen.  Just that it's a risk.

At the end of the day I've decided I will continue to use the mail providers I already have in place who are the experts in what they do (Aweber and GetResponse) but I back my lists up and I am going to pick up a copy of Mail Whizz from Code Canyon and have it as a back-up service.

This keeps me in control and gives me the best of both worlds pretty cheaply.

If you want a back-up solution without the install hassles then the front end offer on Mail-X might be worth considering.  Just don't go expecting it to be a replacement for Aweber/Get Response/etc.