Breaking NEWS: Big change to Safe-swaps.

If you buy solo ads (and if you don't why not?) then there's a big change you need to know about. is moving the solo ad buying part of it's operation to a new site called

You will still be able to do swaps at safe-swaps if that's your thing (it's not mine, I never blast my lists with other peoples ads) but the buying and selling of ads is now going to be on the new site.

Big advantages in signing up today (free signup)

- Unlimited lifetime seller/buyer account - No commissions to sell or to buy

- Sell solos in Skype or Facebook and manage all in Udimi calendar

- Custom Udimi escrow system to protect your money

- Custom Udimi click fraud control to filter junk traffic … tons of other cool features!

So I strongly advise my subscribers and readers to join now while it is not too late as the the number of "unlimited accounts" is limited!