Are you tossing cash in the crapper without even knowing it?


[mylink=""]If you do any kind of affiliate marketing then you could literally be giving away hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of your hard earned commissions.

This video explains why and how you can stop it happening.

I have personally being using the first version of this tool since 2015 and I was dubious this version would be any improvement as the original was fantastic.

But hats off to Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas, they've come up with "The Diamond Edition" and it smashed the previous one out of the park.

In fact, a Major bug has been found in almost ALL link cloakers...

They break responsive sites!

In tests these guys found that EVERY single link cloaker tested broke responsive sites...

No Joke!...

And considering that 60% of us use mobile devices nowadays ... that's a HUGE problem & a huge amount of profit lost.

If you're not cloaking links you are not safe either , you are leaving up to 30% of sales on the table through, affiliate theft, browser switching & social blocking...

See the proof for yourself...

But that is just one serious issue.

Other link cloakers don't protect you from:

Browser Switching This is where users click on an affiliate link then switch browsers copying the new de-cloaked link that doesn't deposit a don't get paid

De-Cloaked Referral Leaks This is where visitors share the RAW link after they clicked an offer & it's de-cloaked - 99% of affiliate links turn into RAW links after they are clicked - these links don't cookie the browser & you don't get paid

Social Blocking This is where social sites block a domain & even block pages that contain links to the blocked resource even if you've done nothing wrong - you get blocked too

... & without the ability to post your links socially you don't get paid...

Social sites now monitor the amount of links posted by each account... it's very easy to get blocked.

Link Trust This is where you post the RAW affiliate link or use a link shortening service which produces links that looks like garbage ... this reduces visitor trust = less visitors = less sales.

Link Harvesting Some offers contain exit pops with no other purpose than persuading your visitors to join the vendors list ... this is a covert commission leak - reducing your chances of getting paid on that vendor's future products.

Blank Social Metas if you try & share a link on a social site with no meta description/images - they look worthless & boring - this reduces interest, clicks & commissions.

Bad Link Management There's no sense in pointing traffic to poor performing offers - your links must be re-routable at any time - using the right cloaker allows you to do that.

In a nutshell if you're not cloaking links you are losing loads of money & if you are cloaking using inferior products you are losing money too

WP Link Shield 2.0 fixes all the above issues - see it in action here...