Arbitrage Secrets?

Tomorrow sees the launch of a product called "Arbitrage Sugar Daddy" which ironically has NOTHING to do with arbitrage in it. Yes you read that right.

It basically suggests that the "weakness" of arbitrage is the person you buy the service from and proceeds to suggest you do the work yourself and they show you how.

Does that make it a bad product?

Not really.  It just makes it "NOT AN ARBITRAGE PRODUCT".

The whole point of arbitrage is that you just act as a middle man and keep a chunk of the profits.

A product that tells you to do the work yourself is just teaching "trade a service for money" which I don't believe is a new concept at all...

But what is?

So I have been trying to wrap my head around this as a concept.

At the end of the day it is just teaching you to sell easy to do services on Upwork and giving you training on how to do those things.

That is not a bad idea.

But it isn't arbitrage!

I am guessing they thought using the arbitrage angle would help make sales and it might well do.  But I think it's also going to annoy some people who are seeking arbitrage opportunities because they don't want to do any grunt work themselves.

It should really be called "Simple shit you can sell on Upwork for healthy profits"

So here is what I suggest you do...

If you really want to learn how to buy services dirt cheap and sell them for great profits acting as a middle man in an arena where competition will not saturate the opportunity then you should pick up a different course altogether.

And I would highly recommend a course by the Arbitrage King (in my opinion), Thomas Owen.

His course "Smart Arbitrage Profits" is less than ten dollars and really is the business.

It is the closest thing to literally "copying and pasting" for profit I've ever seen.  Go look at the proof he has on his page: Smart Arbitrage Profits (available right now)

Then AFTER you have been through that, if you really want to expand and take on some easy jobs yourself, then go and pick up Arbitrage Sugar Daddy (not available until 11am EST tomorrow, 16th August)