An insight into how my brain works and a live example of me jumping on an opportunity...

Business isn't hard.  I keep telling people that.  Most of it just DOING. This morning I saw an opportunity.  Rather than just go do it, I also videoed it and talked through my thought process.

Here's the video.  There will be a second video later today or tomorrow showing the outcome of what you see here.  There's some gold in this one!  Enjoy!

[ez_youtube url="" width="640" height="360" autoplay="0" autohide="2" controls="1"]

Referenced in the video: 

The cash engine plugin

WP Super Depot (the site I made in 5 minutes flat using this)

Fatwallet (for coupons)

Resell Rights Weekly (Free Resell rights)


Here's the site listed on Flippa!

By the way if you want the best damn Flippa training ever, that specializes in the selling of Starter sites... I learnt the real secrets from Guy "AzSno" Smith on his "My Flippin Coach" webinars