Am I the only one bothered by the total dishonesty behind the Bloxy launch?

For me the recent launch of "Bloxy" really highlights so much of what is wrong with Internet Marketing today. When I first heard about Bloxy I actually got quite excited.  Although I have a bunch of page building solutions (Thrive, Instabuilder 2. Profit Builder, Genius Marketing Pro) I never mind adding another tool to by toolbox.  I use all the page builders I own, I just pick the right one for the right job.

So I contacted the affiliate manager and asked if I could get review or demo access because I won't promote anything I haven't genuinely checked out.  Often I just buy the product but this one looked like it needed some time investment and I didn't want to wait until release day.

When I got access I was pretty disappointed.  It differed greatly from the claims in the sales copy as far as I was concerned.  But I had been assured it wasn't finished and they were putting lots in still (worrying when it was only a couple of weeks from launch, but OK).

Between then and final launch they did add to it, but it was still  (in my opinion) a very bland page builder and nothing revolutionary.

Maybe not bad enough to write a scathing review or anything like that, but no where near good enough to recommend to my customers and subscribers.

But my real problem wasn't that I didn't think the product was very good, but more with the totally dishonest ways that it's been promoted.

They have actively encouraged JV partners and affiliates to lie...

They told JV's to mail on day one about the product twice, with the second email being a kind of apology because the site was "flooded" and they might have had trouble buying.

Now either the guys at IM Wealth Builders are psychic or they are full of it.

And if you as a JV mailed this garbage then you clearly have zero respect for your list (and if I got this from you I can assure you I have unsubscribed).


But believe me, it gets worse...

They then provide swipe for Day Two.  Now remember if you send out this email it is coming from you, as if you have written it...


Once again the copywriter of this skank is clearly psychic and knows that all their affiliates currently have LeadPages and all of them are going to cancel it the moment they get Bloxy.

Never mind the issue that Bloxy and LeadPages are two different beasts entirely with totally different feature sets and selling points and comparing them is like comparing PhotoShop to Microsoft Word.

The big problem here is the total dishonestly involved.

You cannot as a product vendor tell people to mail something which is blatantly untrue.

And if you as an affiliate mailed this and you didn't genuinely cancel a LeadPages account as a direct result of buying Bloxy... Once again you are a liar who has no respect what-so-ever for your customers and subscribers.

Never mind the field day the FTC (in the USA) or Trading Standards (UK) would have with you for mailing a bunch of bullshit like this!

This sort of thing needs to be stamped out in Internet Marketing, especially in the MMO niche because it's tarnishing our already murky industry.