A Never Ending Supply of Ideas...

Something I come back to time and again is the importance of generating ideas, having ideas and then putting the best of those ideas to work. When Allen Sayes started the Warrior Forum, it was with the idea that he needed a group of like-minded people he could communicate with as he navigated online marketing. Last month he sold the fruits of that idea for over 3 million dollars.

Every business you see and every invention you marvel at was at first someone's idea. Every great blogpost, piece of content, info product, etc., started as a tiny little seed inside someone's brain.

Without the idea, nothing else flows. With the idea, anything is possible.

So how do you get great ideas?

By training your brain to find them for you. Every day write down 10 new ideas. If you can't think of 10, then write 20.

But if I can't come up with 10, how am I going to think of 20?” By relaxing and having fun.

The reason 10 ideas a day is hard is because you think every idea has to be good. No. Even most of the ideas you at first think are good won't be. That's okay. Just train your brain that you want 10 (or 20) new ideas every single day, and your brain will deliver. It'll be reluctant at first, but it's like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it will get.

Write down your ideas. ALWAYS write down your ideas. Even the hair-brained ones. This teaches your mind to keep finding new ones.

How Do I Know It's a Good Idea?

Short answer – you don't. It might sound, look, feel, taste and smell like a good idea, but until you test it out, you just don't know.

So if you think it might be a winner, take fast action and see what happens. If it fails, you haven't wasted much time or many resources.