A little news...

Had a great day today.  Justin Wheeler dropped into see me (he is visiting the UK from Peru) and we got to drink lots of coffee and talk marketing and business stuff for a while. Two balding marketers

I have a new WSO launching on Wednesday.  You can get all the JV info from here: http://easyvideosalesletters.com/jv - this really will be the "missing link" for a lot of guys based on things my clients have told me.

One on One Coaching slots. 

I have two coaching slots opening up early February.  If you want someone to guide and help you get a product created and launched and the foundations of a solid buiness built - I can help!

I'll put my coaching page back online in the next few days, but for those who want a quick run down, you get email access to me Monday - Thursday during office hours and one 60 minuite Skype call per week.  If the product you produce is good and fits with my list then there is a good chance you'll also get a mailing to at least 10k subscribers.

My rates are $597 a month and you can cancel at any time.  Depending on how quickly and how well you follow instructions and you current level of ability, most clients only need this help for 2 months.

Keep in mind, this is coaching... I don't do the work for you and I don't pull punches.  But I do get results!  If you are interested - email me (andy (@) netodex.com).  These slots usually fill fast because I only have a few people on the books at once.