A day out of the office...

School trip! Today I went with my youngest daughter on her school trip to "Monkey World".   That's what I love about what I do the most - flexibility.

It doesn't matter that it was a Monday and it was during office hours.  I still needed to do a little work so I worked a little this evening.

As you might notice I am finally getting my various products and services moved across to this site.  I'm not hiding behind the "66th.net" thing anymore - I'm a real person with real products and that's what people like about dealing with me the most.  So it's dumb to hide behind some corporate image.

So far a couple of software titles and two of my highly praised reports are available.  More will follow this week.  I am getting it all moved to Zaxaa which will mean affiliates will be able to promote any of the products and we drop lifetime cookies.  So if someone comes back and buys another product... you get the reward.