My Honest Opinion of Engagr

Usually when someone launches a product that claims to be some kind of new technology that will change the way we all do something I am the biggest skeptic.

For example, do you remember a few weeks ago there was that awful idea where you could make web pages speak in a robotic voice?  What a cack-pile that was!

So when I heard about Engagr I went in not expecting much...

But when I tried it I was impressed.

Will it replace all landing pages?

Not a chance.  

But what it will do is create a unique engaging relationship with a prospect via a series of micro commitments (a trick CPA marketers have used for a long time).

Now I strongly suspect you'll see a lot of emails and posts about it today because it really is very good and beyond a "gimmick".

Also it has a team behind it who all have a solid reputation.

So if you're going to pick it up, be sure to check out the exclusive bonus package Curt and myself have put together.

Unlike typical bonus packages that affiliates tend to toss together where they hurl everything they could download from a plr site and claim "a bazillion trillion dollar bonus" which we all know is bullpoop, Curt and I have teamed up to give you stuff that will compliment the purchase.

It's two main bonuses that really will enhance Engagr but you will still get the other bonuses that everyone else has (given by the vendor).

Check out our bonus and what Engagr does here: