How to EASILY Create Chrome Extensions (and why the heck you'd want to!)

Do you want more targeted traffic and qualified leads on autopilot?

Who doesn't right?

And that's exactly why you need to get into creating Chrome Extensions.

And now the playing field is levelled.  Even the greenest newbie can create one with no techie know-how and no programming whatsoever!

Here's how...

Today Curt Crowley and I released a brand new tool called "ChromiCode"

See it in action here:

It's a push button software that lets you create powerful lead and traffic generating extensions with zero experience or coding know-how.

But the extensions this creates don't just add a bookmark to your site (like one rather poor product that hit the market recently).  With ChromiCode you can make them do REALLY useful things which means people leave them installed.

And when someone installs your extension you IMMEDIATELY have all the following benefits:

1) You can send unlimited, unstoppable, persistent push notifications whenever you like.

2) You can ask them to sign up to your list.

3) You get an instant boost from Google because they rank extensions in their search results

4) You will be seen by countless people who daily search the directory.

Up until now you either had to learn to code or outsource getting an extension made.

But with ChromiCode you can create UNLIMITED extensions using a special wizard that's been made for non-coders and non-techies.  

See a full demo video and get all the info by clicking here.