Your Awakening questions answered...

I've had quite a few questions about "The Awakening" that I told you about in my last email.

As many of these are the same question, I decided to quickly do a quick post to answer them all....

Question: It's unusual to see you promote something that makes an income claim, what's the deal?

Answer: It doesn't make a direct income guarantee. It's a case study and of course the author is going to talk about his results. What I will say is that having been through the training, the results he got should not be atypical. This is an easily duplicatable model, but it is not free of effort on your part!

Question: Do I need any OTO's/Upsells to make this work?

Answer: NOPE! There are offers made but they are "done for you" campaigns. The core training covers all you need to make your own campaigns and I suspect that those who do create their own will have the bigger success.

Question: Can you give me some more detail on exactly what this training is?

Answer: Yes... How about I show you a screen shot of inside the members area...


And you get all of that for less than $15 (hurry though as this is a dime sale).

One thing I can say for sure...

Whether you are a total newbie or a marketer who is sick of spinning your wheels, this will be a worthwhile investment.

Even as an established marketer I can honestly say I got way more value from the nuggets I picked up than this is being sold for.

This could EASILY have been a $47 or even $97 course.

Just go buy it. You will thank me later.

Get it here: