Why WordPress Is Not Nearly as Cost Effective as People Think...

The truth be told, I've never been a huge fan of WordPress.

Sure it's a much used platform, primarily because it can be extended way beyond the blogging platform it was meant to be into a full blown CMS and beyond.

But with mass adoption comes trouble...

With so many sites using it, it didn't take long before it was a major target for hackers.

This means that you are forced to install various security plugins and tools to prevent your site from being taken over or destroyed.

And now it's become the target of Ransomware too according to a recent article published by WordFence.

 WordPress now being hit by Ransomware.

WordPress now being hit by Ransomware.

The other huge problem with WordPress is just how often they roll out updates with infrequently break various plugins meaning your site doesn't function properly until the plugin author releases a compatible update.

In the real world of business and ecommerce this is ridiculous.

Realistically the only way to be fairly sure of updates to themes and plugins is to use premium ones which you will usually be paying an annual maintenance fee on.

Yes I know there are authors who claim to offer "free updates for life" but we all know the truth is these guys lose interest when the income slows up and the promised updates either take forever... Or never happen at all.

Here's what my WordPress blog was costing to maintain (and I still hit issues when versions updated and broke plugins):

Fast WordPress Hosting $200/year.  - Yes I am aware you can do hosting cheaper but a slow blog will cost you when it comes to ranking on the big search engines as your page load speed will be terrible.

iThemes Security and Backup Buddy $148.20/year. - WordPress for a business site needs to be protected and by a decent, guaranteed system.  Protecting only with free plugins is asking for trouble.

Thrive Themes Subscription $216/year. - This gave me the premium blog theme I was using (FocusBlog), and several other tools for lead capture, etc.  If you only wanted to count the theme as a cost then it would have been $69/year.

Akismet spam comment protection $60/year

On top of this I also used SEO plugins that had a one-time cost, but we will ignore those for now.

To run my blog on WordPress and keep it secure and protected was costing me $624.20 a year, plus a chunk of my time to keep things updated, blacklist attackers, etc.

How SquareSpace stacks up...

Moving to SquareSpace costs me $216/year all in.  Their system is not a target as there are not a million and one loop holes and exploits that hackers can use.

I don't need all the security stuff or to pay extra for a good theme... it's all included.

Oh and they handle all the SEO gubbins too.

And best of all they have a fantastically easy import system that let me migrate all my posts and content from the old WP blog.

The bottom line here is this:  Following the crowd is not always the best or most cost effective option.  I'll be posting more over the coming weeks about the other moves I am making in my business as I transfer most of my existing sales pages to Convertri and their delivery to ProductDyno.