8 Quick Tips For Naming Your Product

A Product name can make a big difference to its success.  Here's a few quickie tips to keep in mind when you name your next product; 1) Make it memorable – can someone recall the name 30 minutes after hearing it? If not, you might be picking a name that's too generic. Something that paints a visual picture works the best.

2) Make it meaningful – can someone look at the name and have a good idea of what the product does? If so, you might have a winner.

3) Keep an open mind – just because you don't immediately love a name doesn't mean it isn't the right one.

4) Say it out loud – does it roll off the tongue?  Is it easy to pronounce? Is it a name that people like to say out loud? If so, that can only help your viral marketing.

5) Look for hidden meanings – Nancy's “petite quiches” ran an ad with the tag-line; “Petite bites. Big compliments.” What they didn't realize is that French speakers read it as, “Small dick. Big compliments.”

6) Check the name's history - you might think you've got the perfect product name, but two years ago a sham company used the same name for their product and then took the money and ran. Do a thorough search to find out who else is using the name and what type of products it's being used on.

7) Break rules – if competing products tend to have similar names, choose something that totally sets you apart from the crowd.

8) Make a very long list of possibilities – don't stop on the 5th name you think of – make a list of a hundred or more and then narrow it down. Sometimes the best name is the one you think of after you've made your list of 100 and you're in the shower, thinking about something else. And the longer the list, the more confident you'll be when you make your final selection.