A real turning point.

Today I want to share something with you that made a hugedifference to me as an internet marketer and if you're not already doing this then seriously consider starting.

What people forget about me is that I was not a marketer to start out with.  First and foremost I am a geeky computer programmer with a flare for creating products and it was through the realization that having a bunch of products, no matter how good they are, is of little use if you can't get them in front of people and convince them to try them.

Having studied as much as I could about sales copy, advertising, etc. I was soon doing pretty well finding a market and selling software.  But what I was failing to see was that I wasn't maximizing the opportunities I had when a customer was in the right emotional condition for buying.

But the one thing I was missing was something I hated about marketing...

But only because I'd mainly experienced scum bag marketers and charlatans using the technique.

What I hadn't considered was that you could use this concept legitimately.

In fact big ecommerce companies do it all the time.

Amazon do it...

eBay do it...

Vistaprint do it...

Godaddy do it...

And they do it the right way.

If you're expecting me to now name a mega-secret you've never heard of before you might be disappointed.  But what I am talking about here is something you need to be doing if you sell anything online.

Fact:  When a prospect has just become a customer, at that précised moment in time, they are at the peak of the emotional buying state.

So surely the best time to present them with more offers, additional products that can help them in their business/life/(insert your niche here!), is at the moment they have just made a purchase.

This is why marketers use sales funnels.

This is why Amazon tell you what other people who bought what you just did are also buying.

That's why Vistaprint hit you up with further discount if you add xyz to your order right now.

It's why eBay present you with more stuff "you might be interested in."

With digital information products marketers use even more "aggressive" systems and these are "sales funnels."

I hate OTO's!

Although only because too many of them are critical additions to thing you just bought and that to me is unethical and a bit of a scam.  It is also no way to build a reputation with a client.

But we've all seen them...

"Thanks for buying my how to make a bazillion dollars in an afternoon course for $7, I did it that quick because I used software instead of doing things manually and I can now sell you that software for $500"

I hate that crap.

An upsell/oto/funnel should present things that will further enhance my business, life, goal, etc - they should not be a missing piece to what I was sold on the front end!

So I do it the right way.

Too many folk avoid funnels because they are time consuming, or they get hung up for the reasons I outlined above.

But they work...

... and you can do them ethically.

You can offer further products that will help but are not a necessity for your front end to work, and you will be helping your customer and you'll be offering them those things while they are in the frame of mind to buy.

I hope this helps.

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