The Power of Keeping it SIMPLE.

Sometimes the most powerful methods are the simplest.

But because people seek the elusive (non-existent) "magic button" they ignore the basics and run around like headless chickens.

I spoke to someone on FB Messenger the other day. 

He first contacted me a year ago asking what the big secret was and how he was desperate to taste just a little success online.

So I pointed him at a webinar and told him to watch it.  I explained there was an offer at the end but he could ignore that.  He just needed the training that was free and then to go actually do what it said.

1 year on...

He is still asking dumb noob questions like "what do you think of this system/mlm/bullshit bizopp" and has continued to ignore the rock solid basics I told him about a year ago.

Some people just won't help themselves.

They are so convinced there is a shortcut or a lazy ass way to get there quicker that they will gladly waste a whole f***ing year looking for it.

Here's the truth...

Internet Marketing isn't magic.

Internet Marketing isn't sexy.

The stuff I do on a daily basis is pretty mundane and tedious at times...

But it pays bloody well!

And guess what?

It isn't hard!

But don't take that to mean it's easy... because it isn't that either.

The stuff I do is not difficult, it isn't hard to master but it does take some effort.

Why is it that people think there should be a shortcut or easy button?

You wouldn't expect that in anything else would you?

If you wanted to learn to play guitar, or master a language, or learn to paint...

You would expect to put in some time and effort.

And this is no different.

Although to be honest... the time and effort to learn the basics is no where near as hard as learning an instrument or a language!

And you can earn as you learn - which rocks!

So please...

If you are jumping from scheme to scheme, constantly looking for the magic button or big secret...


And just learn the basics and do them.

Then in a year from now (or much less) you can be making some serious income online.  But if you choose to ignore this and carry on... 

Well you will be just like the chap I spoke to a year ago who is no further on and is still seeking his lucky unicorn.

And that would totally suck wouldn't it?

On the topic of keeping it simple, one of the simple things I use all the time to keep me on track are CHECKLISTS.

And it would seem I am not the only one.

Kevin Fahey (someone I have massive respect for in this industry) uses them too and has found them so successful that he's packaged up all his best ones and made them available at an insane low price.

Inside, you get access to the actual checklists that Kevin uses to run his 7 figure online business.

Here’s a quick overview of the checklists and other tools that are included in this bundle…

  • Product Idea Guide
  • Services and Software Checklist
  • Sales Funnel Checklist
  • Graphic Design Checklist
  • Warrior Plus Setup Checklist
  • JVZoo Setup Checklist
  • Membership Area Checklist
  • Earlybird and Launch Mailing Checklist
  • JV Page Checklist
  • JV Recruitment Checklist
  • JV Document Checklist
  • JV Video Checklist
  • Sales Page Checklist
  • Sales Video Checklist
  • Facebook Ads Product Launch
  • Sales Page Split Test Checksheet
  • Squeeze Page and Thank You Page
  • Final Testing Checklist

When you get IM Checklist, it’s the next best thing to having a 7 figure marketer taking you by the hand and showing you EXACTLY what to do for big results in your online business.

This is the power of keeping it simple on a silver platter.

Download his checklists here: