What the latest Warrior Plus changes mean for Vendors, Customers and Affiliates.

Warrior Plus has been making changes to the way they operate that has ramifications for those purchasing products, those selling and those promoting.

The biggest change happened yesterday and is putting people off purchasing products because there is some confusion over how PayPal operates when a merchant asks permission to store details.

This image shows the new box that pops up at checkout...


This change according to Mike Lantz (the head honcho of Warrior Plus) and Shane Nathan (the head boy?) "This simply allows customers to save their payment info for future purchases. It will allow for future features like one-click up-sells, etc.  If they don’t check the box to save their payment info, it won’t ask them for preapproval."

But what doesn't help is that the box is ticked by default and the next screen then talks about a 2 year preapproval plan.  On top of that PayPal sends a standard email and the wording is equally as bad on that too...


The video below shows how the new system works and more importantly how to prevent it setting up the preapproval if it bothers you!

Vendors and affiliates in the mean time can expect some extra support tickets and a few lost sales until this becomes more widely understood.

But now you know what's involved, if you've not yet picked up the two hot products I've recently recommended then the links are below!

Kam Jennings superb White Trash Cloud Money System (this rocks if you're a newbie).

David Fearons Instant Social Profits (An easy extra income stream for anyone using free FB groups)

Update: Warrior Plus have changed the default on the check box to be unchecked while they figure things out with this.