A free traffic method that actually works.

In the vast majority of cases, so called "free traffic" is useless, but from time to time a decent source comes along and if you know the secret to maximising its potential you're onto a winner.

The free method in question here is...

Facebook groups!

But only if you know how to leverage them PROPERLY...

Lucky for you I will reveal all in this post...

Step One:  Join as many Facebook groups as you can that are related to your niche.  You are looking for groups that allow posts by members without admin approval.

To find these groups simply use the search facility inside Facebook searching for the keywords in the niche(s) ou want to get traffic in.

Step Two: Create a compelling post and go through this list of newly joined groups one by one and make a post in each and every group.  It could be to lead them to a blog post, a freebie, a sales page (maybe not even your own) or even just a post to get more likes on your own Facebook page.

Important: Save the links to your specific post

Step Three: Periodically keep "bumping" them up (make a comment on them) so they stay at the top in terms of engagement.  And if you don't have much to say... Comment and then delete the comment - it still bumps the post.

As with all free traffic methods there is a time overhead here and it's a little dull to sit and do.

You can of course outsource this work, or if you have a Windows computer you can use this automated bot software that will do it all for you.

The automation is a no brainer to be honest because that software is cheap and will do all the grunt work for you.  Things like;

  • Joining 100's of facebook groups
  • Loading up each one individually
  • Copying and pasting your post
  • Uploading the image if you're using one (highly recommended)
  • Tracking all the links
  • Checking posts still exist
  • Automatically post comments underneath it so it brings it back up to the top or to post an update rather than a brand new post.

And best of all the software doesn't use Facebooks API, so it doesn't appear at all automated!

You can read all about it here.