The Quick and Easy Guide to Boosting Your Email Response Rates (and Profits)

If you have an email list, then one of your top priorities is to boost the response rate of that list. In other words, you want to engage your readers.

You want them to click on your emails and then hang on your every word…

In fact you want them to sit by their inboxes waiting for your emails on your regular publishing days…

And if you don’t get an email sent out…

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The Perfect Squeeze Page

You know I do a shed load of split tests right?

It becomes addictive (yeah even though it sucks at first lol),

Anyways this isn’t about doing split tests… it’s about some results that you can benefit from knowing.

Screw the data – this is just the usable stuff…

I won’t bore you with actual percentages and conversion rates, if you were turned on by that stuff you’d be doing your own tests and not interested in mine 😀

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You probably don’t have what it takes to have your own online business.

It will probably cause offense to some…

If it does and it strikes a nerve then just know that you have the ability to change things.

It’s just most of you won’t.

The vast majority of those looking for ways to make money online are coming from a place which automatically puts them at a massive disadvantage…

They are already too desperate…

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Double Your Income With Simple Split Tests.

But not split testing literally means you are throwing money away and running a split test is a lot easier than you probably think.

Trust me, split testing is a vital part of marketing your products and services. You might do OK without it, but you could have even more success if you do put it to work for you.

So what is split testing, anyway? 

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If I was starting over – What I’d do if I was a newbie today…

Whenever I’ve been interviewed or taken questions in an “Ask Me Anything Q&A”, the one thing I often get asked is: “If you had to start over tomorrow with no list, no products, no tools… What would you do?”

And over the years the answer has changed a little because things have advanced so much in the world of the Internet and the ways we can reach people online.

So I wanted to write this to discuss what I would do if I was starting over tomorrow. Some of the things I’m going to suggest I am actually doing in my business because it just makes sense to make use of the latest technology. Other things I can’t really do as it makes no sense to pull existing working funnels from where they are and put them into other systems for the sake of it.

The truth is it’s never been easier to start doing business online.

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Free Email List Segregating Tool

Although most of you will probably already have automation rules set up to remove someone from the free list when they get added to our buyer list, there is nothing stopping them from downloading another free gift and ending up on the free list again…

If you use one of the standard services like Aweber or GetResponse you actually end up paying multiple times for the same subscriber because they charge you for each instance that they appear on a list.

Here’s my solution which you can have FREE!

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A true “biz in a box” and a free lesson in stacking value…

This caught my eye, so much so I immediately sent the link to a family member who I know had once considered doing something like this.

But here’s the thing…

Even if this business in a box doesn’t tickle your fancy, you should still go check out the sales page.  Why?

Because it’s a free lesson in how to stack an offer.  One you will be so happy about getting you’ll buy the low ticket priced product just to thank the vendor!

So what is it?

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PROOF: You too could have 100+ new subscribers in hours from now.

Let me show you a screen shot…

That’s new subscribers that have been generated from one landing page using some quality solo ad traffic (yes that traffic source so many are keen to tell you is dead).

And I did it using the landing page and offer that I am currently selling for just $3.99!

You can get it here.

All I did was configure it the same as I show you in the training videos supplied with it.

Then I headed over to…

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