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Email marketing is as popular as ever and is here to stay despite the naysayers proclaiming that “Email marketing is dead!”

The truth is, the best email marketers earn 6 figure incomes by sending promotional emails to their responsive lists.

If they can do it, then it is possible.

There are 2 fundamentals that must be in place if you wish to be a successful email marketer...

Firstly, your emails need to land in your subscribers inbox instead of their spam folder.

Secondly, your subscribers need to open your emails and click on your links.

This post will not focus on click through rates because that will depend on the text in your email.

The most important steps are getting the emails to their inbox and getting them to open the emails. If you can do that, that’s more than half the battle won.

The tips below will help you to achieve both steps successfully if you adhere to them.

Improving Deliverability

  • Test your emails before sending them. 
    It may seem like common sense, yet so few people do it. Sign up for the most commonly used email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo. You may be surprised to know that most people stick to their email service provider for decades. It’s just too troublesome to change providers.

    Sign up for different accounts and add these emails to your own list. Before you send any email, send it to these test accounts first and check if they land in the spam folder. If they land in your spam folder, you can expect similar results for others. Fix what needs to be fixed so that you end up in the inbox. 

  • Ask subscribers to whitelist your email address 
    In your first email to your subscribers when they sign up, do give them specific instructions on how to whitelist your email address so that they do not miss out on what you’re sending them. While many subscribers will not take action, there’ll be several who do listen to your instructions and this will significantly improve your deliverability rates. 

  • Practice list hygiene. 
    Once a month you should actively remove subscribers who have not opened your emails for the past 3 months. These subscribers are probably no longer interested in your emails and are dragging your deliverability stats down.

  • Watch your deliverability and open rate stats closely
    Do not just blindly email without checking your stats later on. Keep an eye on emails that have higher deliverability stats and open rates. See what’s working and what’s not. You’ll then know what is going on and be able to tailor your emails accordingly. 

  • Do NOT force subscribers to stay on your list
    Always give subscribers the option to unsubscribe from your list. There are many marketers who do not give their list this option. Some even re-import unsubscribes and add them to a new list.

    This is counterproductive. Why would you want someone on your list if they don’t to be on it? They’ll either ignore your emails or hit the spam button. If too many people are hitting the spam button instead of unsubscribing, sooner or later the email service provider will take note of the address these emails are originating from.

    Now your emails will be much more likely to trigger the email service providers’ spam filters. So, always provide an easy way for people to leave your list if they want to. 

  • Maintain a good sender reputation.
    Your sender reputation is very important. Your open rates, clickthrough rates, etc. are all taken into account to measure just how good an email marketer you are. You want high open rates, high clickthrough rates and low bounce rates.

    If you have a bad sender reputation because you’re hitting your list with 10 emails a day and nobody is bothered to open your emails, your sender reputation is going to suffer… and your emails will trigger the spam filters. 


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