Hi I'm Andy...

I've been selling digital content online since 1997 when the web as we know it was still in its infancy.  I had actually sold using online methods before the internet became the household thing it is today.

Back in the early 90's I wrote software and sold it via bulletin boards and fidonet (the precursors to the internet we have today).

In 1999 I went full time selling information, software, audio and video products.  In fact in 2001 I was selling MP3 audio in downloadable format way ahead of having the broadband to really cater for it.  But it was new, exciting and people didn't seem to mind waiting all day for the download as it was still quicker than waiting for a CD or cassette tape (they were still widely used back then) to be shipped to their door.

I took a break from purely online work in 2007 when I was needed to help my parents with their bricks and mortar business.  The experience of managing that was good but no where near as profitable as what I now do online.  I helped them until the business could be sold and then returned to what I knew best - although in the few years I'd been out of the loop on a full time basis a lot had changed.

The present time...

My work now is predominantly creating software that helps online marketers by automating or speeding up otherwise mundane tasks.  I still occasionally create an informational course explaining how to achieve a specific goal and these are always put together drawing on my experiences of the things I do day to day to market my products and services online.

I live in the Southwest of England with my partner Becky and our collection of children, two dogs, Gizm the wonder bird, a rabbit, a gerbil, three guinea pigs and a couple of cats!

What This Site is For...

It's a funny thing.  Ask any of my friends of family "what do I do?" and none of them can really tell you.  Some will say "ohh something to do with apps?", others would tell you I am a programmer, and my nearest and dearest would tell you I hide in a room in the house a lot and make money.  All of which are true to some degree.

On this site I'm going to talk openly about what I actually do and how I do it.  My hope is that anyone who wants to create and sell any kind of content or product online (doesn't have to be software) will find this a valuable resource.