The 9 Words that Turned Him into a Millionaire...

The 9 Words that Turned Him into a Millionaire...

Have you ever had a breakthrough?

Have you ever had an idea so amazing that you can't believe you thought of it?

Maybe the gods are smiling on you? Life is like that sometimes...


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The secret conversion boosting software I've been using is now available to all!

The secret conversion boosting software I've been using is now available to all!

For a little while now I've been using a crazy little piece of software that has been boosting conversions and getting me loads of extra signups to my email list.

I've even been using it on this blog - have you noticed?

It's called Conversion Gorrilla and it has launched publicly today.

And I have put together a wicked awesome bonus package (including something totally exclusive)...


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Free Case Study: Over $17.5k in Five Days on a $297 investment.

Free Case Study: Over $17.5k in Five Days on a $297 investment.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous has agreed to let me tell you one of his money-making methods.

And while he might be leaving some minor details out, I think there is more than enough here to set you on a very similar path if you choose.

This is what he said…


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How to EASILY Create Chrome Extensions (and why the heck you'd want to!)

How to EASILY Create Chrome Extensions (and why the heck you'd want to!)

Do you want more targeted traffic and qualified leads on autopilot?

Who doesn't right?

And that's exactly why you need to get into creating Chrome Extensions.

And now the playing field is levelled.  Even the greenest newbie can create one with no techie know-how and no programming whatsoever!

Here's how...

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Truth Bomb Alert.

Truth Bomb Alert.

Let's cut to the chase...

It's almost September, which means TWO THIRDS of 2017 are gone.

Some of you will have made big promises at the start of this year and are frankly no closer to meeting any of the goals than you were at the start.

Others maybe made a little progress and then burnt out.

Shit happens.

But the biggest issue is always picking one solid method and sticking at it.

But I get it...

When people are faced with the truth of building audiences, driving traffic, presenting offers and all the other stuff... It often overwhelms and it's easier to just quit.

Let me tell you a secret...

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Why WordPress Is Not Nearly as Cost Effective as People Think...

Why WordPress Is Not Nearly as Cost Effective as People Think...

The truth be told, I've never been a huge fan of WordPress.

Sure it's a much used platform, primarily because it can be extended way beyond the blogging platform it was meant to be into a full blown CMS and beyond.

But with mass adoption comes trouble...

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Video exposes how total newbies can get started making money online for FREE...


I've always approached business knowing that it requires some investment.

I've also often told people they can reduce the cash investment if they pile in more TIME.

But never have I seen it explained so clearly to newbies that in this video:
Click Here for the video

The video is by non other than the coolest Kat (yep kat with K!) in IM, Kam "Fatz" Jennings.

As always he's over-delivered a ton on this and has put together a set of videos that really show how a newbie can get started making money online without it costing them anything.

Yes really!

Go watch his video that explains it all here and thank me later :)

RANT - You probably don't have what it takes to have your own online business.

RANT - You probably don't have what it takes to have your own online business.

This was originally posted six months ago, but is so important I've reposted it so it will be seen and help more people.

It will probably cause offense to some...

If it does and it strikes a nerve then just know that you have the ability to change things.  

It's just most of you won't.

The vast majority of those looking for ways to make money online are coming from a place which automatically puts them at a massive disadvantage...

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Masters of Copywriting - 392 page Copywriting Bible - FREE!

It always makes me smile that so many "new" courses appear online with the secrets to writing good copy. 

99% of what they cover is the basics that have remained unchanged for years. Sure there are a few specific tricks and methods that can be employed online but the fundamentals are steadfast.

So while this copywriting book is an older publication that deals mainly with print, etc - you will still learn a lot from its pages. 

Not long ago this book was being sold online for $47 but I am letting you have it at no charge.

Masters of Copywriting is a PDF download.  Right click on the link below and choose "Save As..." to download it to your computer. masters-of-copywriting

Quickie Ideas: Guest Emailing

You’ve heard of guest posting. But what about guest emailing? Here’s how:

  • Find a list owner to work with
  • Ask to write an email for their list
  • Offer a terrific lead magnet related to the topic
  • Use a 1-click opt-in to get the subscribers

So what’s the incentive to the list owner to let you do this?

Maybe that they’re sick of writing emails, but they want to keep emailing so their list doesn’t forget them.

Or maybe you do a swap and let them send an email to your list.

Try it – you could add several hundred subscribers with the right email to the right list.

Something a little different...


It's Saturday night and I'm sat listening to the live feed from Glastonbury Festival and as I do I go through a product I was given review access to last week...

A product that is a bit different to anything I'd usually write about...

But it's brilliant!
And I am sure there are probably a few of my readers who would find it of interest.

It's called "Cozy Mystery Empire" and it's all about writing and publishing a certain kind of mystery book on Kindle.

But here's the cool part...

You can literally follow a template or system to make these!

And Alessandro Zamboni and Sara Shar have cracked the secret code and are revealing all in this awesome course.

Even if you've never considered Kindle publishing before... You might want to take a look at this.  

Click Here to check it out.

How to Create Your Own Facebook Comment Game... And Why You Would Want to!


Last night I created one of those Facebook comment games that are suddenly blowing up like crazy.  Look at the insane engagement it got, not to mention it generated actual sales...

So what caused this viral frenzy and why is it such a good thing?

This is a bit like the D-I-S-N-E-Y comment game that was doing the rounds last week, but in our case we've monetized it and it has the added benefit of increasing my "Edge Rank"

These comment games can be posted on your own Facebook wall or in groups (any group you can post to, you do not need to be administrator).

How our comment game got sales and boosted my edge rank...

We made a comment game that occasionally would serve up a coupon for discount entry into a membership site.  The image that is shown is randomly selected every five seconds and there is a one in twenty chance it will be a discount coupon. 

In less than 24 hours that post had 274 comments and a bunch of likes.

We also made two new sales of Society11 as a direct result of the post.

What is EdgeRank and Why do You Want it?...

EdgeRank is the algorithm that Facebook use to determine which posts/stories will appear in each members newsfeed. It is designed to hide uninteresting stories and posts, so if yours doesn't score well...

No one will see it!

When you consider that the newsfeed is the first thing anyone sees when they first login to Facebook, it stands to reason that if you have posts you want seen then this secret ranking system is important.

Every time someone likes, comments, tags, joins a fanpage or RSVP's to an invite that post and poster gain Edge Rank.

As you can imagine, if FaceBook showed you every post there was on your newsfeed it would be insane and you'd also spend a lot longer wading through the crap.

Why should I care?

Because the harsh truth is...

Most of your Facebook followers and friends never see your status updates!

Now the actual algorithm is top secret and it is said that it factors in hundreds of thousands of things.

But even if we don't know exactly how it works and what it's doing we can certainly establish some basics:

  • Any post that gets a lot of "engagement" (comments, likes, shares, etc) will have higher EdgeRank
  • If you have posts that have higher EdgeRank, any new posts you do will be considered "more likely" to appeal to those who follow you.
  • Anything you can do to increase the EdgeRank of a post is a positive thing.

But above and beyond all this "EdgeRank" stuff... We made sales!

Four sales to be exact, for a product that sells for $30/month and pays a recurring 50% commission.

If those buyers remain members for only 3 months I have effectively made $180 off one post (and in my experience Society11 has a massive retention rate).

And that is FOUR SALES off ONE POST in less than 24 hours.

How I Created the Game...

I cheated...

But that's OK, you can cheat too!...

I found a little known web application that does all the grunt work for me.  

So all I had to do was...

  • Write a bunch of "I'm sorry try again" messages.
  • Choose or make images to go with them.
  • Create one "You are a winner" message and choose a graphic for it.
  • Pop all of those into the generator software which can be found here.
  • Take the two output PHP files (it makes them for you, you don't need to know what PHP is!) and upload to your web hosting.
  • Create a Cron job (if you don't know how help is available and there is a non-cron alternative).
  • Post on Facebook!

It really is simple and these work on your timeline or inside any group (they do not work on pages).

This is a really simple and massively powerful way to generate new leads, sales and increase your EdgeRank on Facebook all at the same time.

I highly recommend you give it a try!